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Status Report - 20 November 2018

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Today's Status Report focuses on the current work of the team to fix the remaining issues in the PC BETA, while we are getting closer to our release in December. Eugen gives

Community Spotlight - 19 November 2018

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Hello again, Survivors. Another Community Spotlight is here! Halloween is already gone, but I didn't tell you how much I liked your screenshots with the pumpkin heads. They've been in the game

DayZ is entering BETA on PC

%PM, %07 %796 %2018 %18:%Nov Written by
Dear Survivors! Today is a very exciting day for all of us here at the DayZ team. Coming closer to five years of Early Access Alpha development, we are now moving the

Status Report - 6 November 2018

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Today was quite a busy day at our office with the Experimental BETA patch hitting the Experimental servers. So apologize this late Status Report, it is worth it. Dev Update/EugenDear Survivors,

Status Report - 23 October 2018

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Today is going to be quite an important Status Report as we are going to talk about the BETA update and our road towards the end of this year. Peter is

Community Spotlight - 22 October 2018

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Hello everyone! It is the day before our Status Report, and that means it's time for the Community Spotlight! We released a Stress Test last week and you clearly had some fun

Status Report - 9 October 2018

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Survivors, has it been two weeks already? We had the first internal multiplayer play-test of vehicles, Eugen is going to tell you more about it. He also talks about the hit registration

Cron Job Starts