ARK 1 Year Anniversary and the end of the world

ARK 1 Year Anniversary and the end of the world

Happy Birthday Ark! 1 year young!

Also, it's the end of the world time ..

The current GamingNow Ark server has been running for 7 months on a low population TheIsland server with a fairly harsh open ended ruleset that has now stagnated to the point where all the main tribes are pretty much leaving each other alone. This is clearly not what we had in mind long term as we had a prolonged period of non stop warfare that made things both exciting and troublesome for all the native players. However, those times have since passed (We miss you Muppets) and in the interim there have been a lot of advanced to the game which we are eager to embrace.

Notably, a mew map is on offer which we all want to explore as well as new game mechanics that are best experienced as young characters.

As such, the current Ark server will be backed up for posterity and closed down Saturday the 4th June and replaced with The Center map (available as free ARK DLC) during Saturday.

In addition to the new world there will be new game mechanics in play.

A feature much requested is a form of offline raiding protection and with the introduction of the 242 patch we now have hard coded mechanic to allow this.

In future, when the last logged on member of a tribe disconnects from the server all their buildings and pets will become invulnerable to damage after a default 15 minute period. This effectively makes offline raiding much harder (although not impossible) as there is a finite window of opportunity to get in and ransack the place. A sensible tribe will make sure they have adequate short term defences in place to halt or slow a would be raider until the invulnerability kicks in.

Other mechanics will included a hard coded maximum tribe membership of 10 survivors, the usual custom tweaks to water / food consumption and item drop expiration rates to make kibble production a little easier.

A full list of game tweaks will be published just prior to the rebuild.

As we are opting for a complete restart on a brand new and unexplored world, we hope those that played with us before join in on this new untouched world. Before then,  we expect the last 36 hours of the current Ark to become a wonderfully violent place. If you have characters in play, bring them out for Armageddon.

More to follow.

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