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COMMS CHATTER (10/08/2016)

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The Small Worlds Expedition registration opens this week. Click the image to join their Discord server to enquire. “We will be visiting planetary nebulae (unique models), and will be taking only

COMMS CHATTER (02/08/2016)

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HOTAS X Bastard Mod Complete - with work in progress pictures

COMMS CHATTER (26/07/2016)

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Greetings commanders, a new week, a new edition of Comms Chatter.Alukarl on the Elite Dangerous subreddit created this satirical image due to all of the uncertainty revolving around the unknown signal and

COMMS CHATTER (19/07/2016)

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CMDR Marcus Sirrah of Hyperion Star Alliance writes to us this week about a fellow Commander’s passing. This week was the Commanders’ birthday. They travelled 90 light years from their

Elite Dangerous Event Season '16

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With the summer events season underway, we wanted to run down some of the events we’ll be attending and give you a rough idea of what we have planned so you can

Elite Dangerous Arena is Completely Free This Weekend

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Greetings Commanders, Elite Dangerous Arena will be completely free on Steam and the Frontier Store this weekend. If you purchase a copy of Arena between now and 6PM BST on

CQC Tournament Update

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Hello everyone, At the end of last year we announced we’d be running a CQC tournament in 2016. In order to run the tournament we wanted to bring in a

Cron Job Starts